Things To Do and See in Scotland

Things to do and see in Scotland from Blervie House

If you are planning your trip, you are undoubtedly looking at the vast range of things to do and see in Scotland and wondering where to start. Your journey will undoubtedly include some time in Edinburgh and maybe even the Isle of Skye.

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Of course, you will be looking for the best place to stay if part of your plan includes a stay in a Scottish Country House with some fabulous things to do and see in Scotland without lots of unpacking; read on and find out more.

Here at Blervie House in Scotland, there is an endless array of things to do, and it is tough to choose. To help our visitors, we developed an A-Z Guide of Things To Do and See in Scotland. Planning how to fit it all in is challenging because there are so many activities to do in this part of Scotland.Map of Blervie House location

Blervie House is an authentic experience, being a historic Country House in the middle of Malt Whisky Country, just 40 minutes from Inverness. A stay in this beautiful house allows you to explore some of the many activities that we have listed below. Few areas of Scotland offer such a vast and exciting range of attractions and historical interests as Moray and the North-Eastern coast of Scotland. Some attractions are further afield, but all are around an hour’s drive.

So, in alphabetical order, look through and check out some of the activities you might want to put on your best things to do and see in Scotland plan.

  • A for Adventure and Auroras   –  Fancy White Water Rafting watching Auroras find out more here
  • B for Balmoral, Battlefields, Beaches, Birding, Black Isle and Bridges – With such a choice, Balmoral Castle, a visit to Culloden Battlefield or a quiet beach should be on your list – you only have to decide which one!
  • C is for Cairns, Cairngorms, Castles and Cycles – the UK’s biggest National Park. Find out more
  • D for Distilleries and Dolphins – with world-class whisky and Gin too. And don’t miss the Moray Firth Dolphins. 
  • E is for Elgin – our closest city and unmissable Elgin Cathedral
  • F for Festivals, Findhorn, Forts and more– Scotland excels at Festivals such as the Military Tattoo and more
  • G is for Gin and Golf – Explore Scottish Gins and the Home of Golf and the reason for many people’s visit
  • H for Harbours and Highland Games – fit a Highland Games in when you visit
  • I for Icehouses – the original refrigeration units are worth the visit
  • J is for Johnstons of Elgin and Just not to be Missed
  • K for Knockando – a fascinating local historic working woollen mill
  • L is for lunch  – so much choice, or you could make that Logie Steading or Loch Ness
  • M for Military Roads and Museums – to view and explore
  • N is for Loch Ness – with Nessie, things to do
  • O is for Outlander – and 11 Outlander-related activities
  • P is for the Picts – with lots of evidence of Pictish activity; find out more here
  • Q is for the Queen – find out more about the late Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family in Scotland
  • R is for Reindeer, Riding and Rocks – a funny combination, but you can see both here and find out more about riding here
  • S is for Seals, Speyside and Distilleries– but it is easy to enjoy all of that here in
  • S is also for Shopping – an essential part of being away from home – find out where you can shop here
  • S is also for Skiing, the Snow Roads and Steam Railways – who knew there was all this to do in Scotland
  • T stands for The Malt Whisky Trail and doing some touring – you are in Scotland, it can be done
  • U is for Urquhart Castle – on the shores of Loch Ness; this Castle is well worth the trip
  • V is for Visitor Centres – as a tourist destination, Scotland has some great visitor centres – here are 5 of the best
  • W brings us to Walkers, Whales and Whisky  – would you visit any of these activities
  • X is for Aircraft Technology – find out more on this page
  • Y is for Why Not Come Again; there is so much to do you might have missed something out
  • Z is for Zoos – another link as to what to expect to see in terms of Wildlife at both the Wildlife Park and on Blervie House Estate

Of course, you may have our plan and activity ideas I have not mentioned. Likewise, many people on holiday are here to relax and plan daily depending on how they feel or the weather. Many people like personal advice on what to do, and we are always happy to find time to advise people.

So, if you are looking for significant visitor sites, world-class distilleries, some quiet time at ruined Castles, or scenic river walks, we can help you find those. Alternatively, many of our guests are increasingly happy to relax and listen to the birdsong or watch the squirrels.

Whatever you are looking for, rest assured that here at Blervie, we only recommend activities, walks and ideas we have done ourselves to speak from experience. If you are unsure or need help, please let us know – we are here to help.