Walkers, Whales and Whisky in Scotland – 3 Great Reasons To Visits

Shows rigid inflatable boat going out looking for whales and whisky in Scotland.

Wondering what you should do in Scotland? Here are three suggestions revolving around Walkers, Whales and Whisky in Scotland.

Just in this small part of Scotland alone, we are fortunate enough to have the following reasons to visit available:

Walkers Shortbread in Scotland

Walkers Shortbread ShopFirst and foremost, it has to be Walker’s Shortbread. Shortbread is synonymous with Scotland, and Walkers Shortbread is recognised worldwide, so whilst visiting, check out the home of Walkers Shortbread.

This traditional family-owned firm founded in 1898 thrives in the Highland village of Aberlour and is still very much part of the Highland Community.

Even if you are not a shortbread fan, you might fall in love with the Highland town of Aberlour in its beautiful location on the River Spey.


Secondly, we have many attractions for Walkers, as in Hiking.  If you are visiting Scotland, be prepared to spend time in the fresh air enjoying sensational walks with Beaches, Castles, mountains, Moorland, Drovers Routes, and so much more to explore. Scotland is an outdoor destination and perfect for socially distanced staycations.  Spend time visiting Neolithic sites, wander around a quiet loch, and explore a hidden glen. There is something genuinely mesmeric about the scenery in Scotland that makes you want to be out in the Open Air exploring and enjoying.Dava Way Signpost

If you are into long-distance walking, you have even more options and can find out about more walks here.

Whales in Scotland

Well, yes, we have whales in Scotland.  The best areas for spotting Orcas are West Coast Scotland and the Shetland Isles. However, where we are situated here at Blervie House overlooking the Moray Firth, we have a superb microclimate because the Gulf Stream ends in the Moray Firth and an incredible range of plankton-producing rich feeding grounds. These feeding grounds attract species of all sizes, from salmon, seals, dolphins, porpoises, minke whales and my favourite, Orcas.Rib for Marine Wildlife watching

Therefore it is not uncommon for Orcas to be seen in the Moray Firth, and I have even had the pleasure of seeing Humpback Whales in the distance off the coast of Burghead. Of course, there are no guarantees, and where these Whales roam depends on the weather, their feeding opportunities and the time of year. The same Orcas can be seen off the coast of Iceland, Orkney and in the Moray Firth.

So if you enjoy dolphin and whale watching, I recommend taking a wildlife-watching cruise from Findhorn, Lossiemouth or, indeed, Inverness. I can guarantee that the community will know which pods are where and when they are likely to be around. Every time I take a trip, I learn more about the marine wildlife off our coast and appreciate more of Scotland’s offerings.


Whisky in Scotland

View of Strathisla Distillery

Whisky in Scotland needs no introduction. Of course, if the home of Single Malt is your reason for visiting, you will already be planning your trip around your favourite distilleries. If so, I recommend checking their websites and ensuring your visits are booked so you don’t miss out. If you are like many of our other visitors, visiting a distillery is on the cards because you are in Scotland. Like many things, your choice of Scotch is a matter of personal taste or experience.

Whisky Tasting LeftoversSurrounding us here at Blervie House, we have 51 distilleries, each with its unique taste, location and history.  We are always happy to help you choose a distillery to visit or even book a private tasting here at the house.

There are endless reasons to visit Scotland – it may be that you have never visited before, you may be visiting to play golf or because you have a family connection to Scotland.

Whatever the reason for your visit, try and find some time to experience Walkers, Whales and Whisky in Scotland.