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About Blervie House

Information about the history of Blervie House Estate prior to 1908 is somewhat vague beyond the fact the Estate was owned together with Delgatie Castle until Blervie Estate was passed along a family line to Ainslie Douglas Grant-Duff (later Ainslie) who sold Blervie Estate to Cap. Harold Bessemer Galloway in 1907. Stationed at Fort George he had the existing house designed and built .

About Major GallowayAfter a distinguished military career the now Major Galloway was killed in action at Loos in 1915. The house then had a succession of owners until it was purchased by the Schiach family in 1985. Alan Schiach played a substantial role in Macallan – the whisky distillery.

In 2014, Graham and Sheena Thompson bought Blervie House, which has since undergone a substantial renovation project, leaving the house with a modern, manageable heating system, updated bathrooms and kitchen yet still retaining the true character of this stunning house with its historic Scotland-listed features.

About the Renovations

About Major Galloway

While renovating the house, significant memorabilia was discovered indicating the house had been used during WW2 for army training – yet another chapter of the house’s history waiting to be told.

If you look carefully around the house, you will see many original features – a dumb waiter, the original safe – the same make that set sail on the Titanic, the original ovens and the inevitable servant’s bells. Can you work out which room was the secret room?

Aerial view of Blervie House

Graham and Sheena Thompson

We purchased Blervie House in 2014 and spent about three years renovating the house to meet 21st-century demands without spoiling the character and relaxed atmosphere that Blervie House exhibits.

We both come from country backgrounds – Graham was previously a merchant banker turned farmer. Sheena worked for a Veterinary Pharmaceutical company for many years. Our interests have always been the countryside, walking, riding, travel, good food and meeting new people.

Our families have Scottish origins – Graham’s family is from Aberdeen, and Sheena’s immediate family is from Glenshee. So for us, moving to Scotland from West Sussex was a dream come true, returning to our Scottish roots. We love welcoming guests into our home and introducing them to this stunning part of Scotland with so much to offer.

Living here for us is like being on holiday, and we invite you to arrive as guests but leave as friends whilst treating our home as your home.