September in Scotland

September in Scotland

We all know that September in Scotland is the beginning of Autumn, and living here in this part of Scotland means my favourite season comes alive. Moray is one of the most heavily forested counties in the United Kingdom. So, while you might visualise Scotland as covered in various Pine trees, all evergreen in colour, this does not apply to Moray. Indeed, our Forests are a rich mix of Beech, Horse Chestnut, Rowans and many other deciduous trees.

What does this mean? It means that if you plan on visiting Scotland in September, then from September to November, this part of Scotland is covered in gold, and the beauty is breathtaking. Forget taking your flight to New England to go leaf-peeping. Come to Scotland. Larch Trees in Scotland

Add to that the uniquely identifiable Larch Trees that turn a brilliant yellow-gold in the swathes of pine trees, and you will be a convert to Scottish Autumn colours for life.

This season of mists and mellow fruitfulness with our excellent Moray micro-climate means we generally enjoy light, long, warm days but cooler nights. This creates the perfect environment for autumn colour as the trees conserve their nutrients and deprive their leaves, leaving them to change colour from green to gold.

Usually, September in Scotland can be our wettest month, but I am not sure we see that in this part of Scotland. In this year of droughts, I think the rain might be welcome; I never cease to be amazed by how many guests visit us during the Summer to escape their won hot weather! However, rain is indeed a way of life up here, and without it, we would not have some of these autumnal colours nor the fields of barley for the Whisky industry.

Then, of course, there are the fantastic different types of fungi you will see as you walk around. Reportedly, the signs of a healthy and unpolluted environment are lovely. Of course, we have both edible Chanterelles and deadly Toadstools. Sadly, I am not clever enough to know all the different ones or brave enough to find out. Toadstool

September in Scotland is the perfect time to be outside riding or walking. The scenery, if you are driving, will make you want to stop to take a photo around every corner.

You will also notice the fields being harvested for their crop, quite often later in this area than in other parts of the country. Lots of more yellow gold and bales of straw waiting for Winter.Fungi

September in Scotland Festivals and Events

If you are a golfer, you can take up the option to compete in the Speyside Golf Festival, or if you prefer a great course to play, check out the local golf courses.

If you prefer a different type of event – we have it all. Check out Nairn Book and Arts Festival  – there is something for everyone here, from talks from your favourite author to superb blues bands in the evenings. That is before you have visited the beautiful Nairn beaches.

This September marks nine years of us making our home here at Blervie House. We spent three years renovating the House and six years welcoming guests into our home. During these years, we have spent time exploring the area, visiting the attractions, and appreciating the history, all of which we love to share with guests here to enjoy our home. The unique part about living here in Moray is that there is always somewhere new to explore and a new Castle to visit.

We are always keen to share the best walks, beaches and historical attractions. Living here is a fantastic location as a base to explore anywhere from the Cairngorms National Park to the West Coast to even taking a day trip to the Orkney Islands. And with Inverness Airport just 30 minutes away, we are easily accessible from anywhere in the UK.

So even if the trees are preparing for Winter, all of the usual attractions are open as normal. September is a lovely time to visit the Scottish landscape’s natural scenery.