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Scottish Coastline with lighthouse

Moray is famed for its Coastline and Dolphin watching. This area of Scotland named Moray by the Pictish people around 400AD means besides the sea. That name still applies today and the Moray Coastline has been rated one of the Top 12 Beautiful and Unspoilt Coastlines by National Geographic Magazine.

So, if you are looking for a year-round coastline destination with outstanding cliffs, beautiful beaches, pretty coastal villages all with a strong community feeling you have found it. Combine that with our mild coastal climate and long summer daylight hours you might just not want to leave.

The Moray Firth is home to a large number of Dolphins and indeed more Whales are now being seen. In fact, it is one of the best places in Scotland to see Dolphins. There are a number of Dolphin watching beaches you can visit and or a number of boat trips that you can take to enjoy the Coastline while Dolphin watching.

Whales that are seen include Orca, Minke and Humpbacks. Due to the riches of this Coastline, you will get to see wonderful birdlife, any number of Seals and some totally stunning views.

Dolphin Watching By Boat

North 58 Adventures is a wonderful trip out of Findhorn. Afterwards spend some time in Findhorn Village – the beach is there to enjoy, there are seals sitting out at the mouth of the River Findhorn, all sorts of water sports available, great views and good places to eat and watch the world go by.

If you prefer a larger vessel then Dolphin Spirit in Inverness provides both a Dolphin experience and then lets you enjoy Inverness City. Or you could choose to drive round to Channery Point on the Black Isle for some more potential Dolphin encounters.

Dolphin Watching from Land

The Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay lets you watch the Dolphins coming into feed on Salmon congregating at the mouth of the River Spey. When you visit the Centre you are reminded how important Salmon Fishing is to Scotland as you see the original Ice Houses that kept the Salmon fresh before transportation to London before the days of modern refrigeration.

Many of our guests get to see Dolphins from Nairn Harbour or while they are visiting Fort George. Others drive round to Channory Point and spend time watching them from the shoreline. If you are really lucky you might get to have dinner at Nairn and watch Dolphins at the same time.

While you are exploring take a trip along the Coastline – the Moray Coast 100 is a lovely road trip and goes through charming fishing villages, stunning rock formations such as Bow Fiddle Rock, try the famous Cullen Skink soup at Cullen, find a castle and enjoy a walk along some stunning beaches.

For those of you wishing to do some climbing do visit Cummingston Crag. A great selection of stacks in great condition, a nice grippy rock which makes for fun climbing and wonderful views.

Birdwatchers will also enjoy this Coastline with a never-ending display of seabirds.  To me, the Gannets also seem particularly stunning.

During Autumn and Winter, the Coastline is often a magical place to see the Northern Lights, oftentimes late at night or early morning there is a spectacular light show.

Top Tips

The best beach close to Blervie House is Roseisle beach which provides 4 miles of sandy beach plus forestry trails to walk on. Grab a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of the tables provided.