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Scotland is renowned for Malt Whisky and many of our guests come from all over the World for that reason alone.  Here at Blervie House you are truly in the middle of Malt Whisky Country with a choice of over 50 distilleries just a short scenic drive away. The world class expertise,  experience and knowledge on offer by these distilleries is truly exceptional.

Malt Whisky Distillery

Most of the distilleries have recognised Visitor Centres. If you are planning to  visit a particular distillery the best advice we can give you is to check the website for your favourite distillery and choose the tour of your choice.  Many distilleries offer a range of tours with different whiskies available to taste.

Some Malt Whisky Distilleries Not To Miss

Definitely don’t miss the new award winning The Macallan Distillery  Find time for either the Glenfiddich or the picturesque Glenlivet Distillery and see some smuggler’s routes at the same time. Then there is Cardhu on the way to the Aberlour Distillery which is situated in the Highland town of Aberlour on the River Spey so that is worth a visit too.

More Malt Whisky Distilleries Close to us

We have Benromach Distillery next to us which is a favourite tour for many of our guests. Owned by Gordon and MacPhail – master distillers they have an excellent Gin Distillery on the site as well. And don’t forget one of my personal favourites Glen Moray in Elgin. Then I thoroughly recommend Dallas Dhu Distillery set up now as a historical museum and well worth the visit.

Find the time to see

No whisky tour is complete without a visit to the Speyside Cooperage where you will see how those so important barrels are produced. It is always worth checking out the attractions close to the distillery you are visiting so you do not miss out on some of the Moray treasures (Balvenie Castle near Glenfiddich or Knockando Woolmill near Cardhu).

Scottish Drink Driving Law

If you are visiting a distillery you will no doubt wish to taste the end product. You will be aware of Drink Driving Laws, however are you aware that in Scotland the level is half that of the UK. That means even one drink could put you over the limit. To avoid this you can designate one person as the driver for the day.The designated driver does not need to miss out on tastings, just ask for a Driver’s Pack and enjoy a relaxing dram when you get back to Blervie House at the end of the day.

Alternatively we can arrange transport for you with a dedicated driver that can take you to 3 or more distilleries a day.

Private Tastings

If you are keen to learn more about the Water of Life or are a small group or even just short of time. We are able to arrange Private Whisky Tastings at the house. If this is something you would like to learn more about please just let us know.

However you are in Scotland and if you are not here to visit a distillery we always suggest you visit one just for the experience and to be aware of the different tastes and subtle flavours on offer. If any members of your group say they do not like whisky please ask to try our Whisky Ice Cream – it will make anyone change their mind!

Top Tip

Top Tip – To avoid disappointment during summer it is advisable to plan and book your tour in advance. Tastings are available if you choose not to do a tour and most distilleries have an excellent café or restaurant.