Horse Riding in Scotland

Horse Riding in Scotland with Rosie

Have you ever thought about Horse Riding in Scotland? My name is Rosie and I live at Blervie House and my Mother has told me that I have to write about how great horse riding in Scotland is. She says it is part of the R is for Riding as part of her Things to Do from Blervie House. She also mentioned something to do with singing for my supper.

Firstly I have to say I am a very important senior resident at Blervie House.  I am a 16.1hh Registered Irish Draft Chestnut Mare living in Scotland and although my Mother says I often act my shoe size not my age (which is 18 years old) I am extremely experienced regarding  trail riding (well I call it hacking) in the Scottish Countryside.

For horses and horse riders the best part of riding in Scotland is that whilst Scotland is part of the UK it is the Scottish Outdoor Access Code that allows horse riders far more freedom than other parts of the UK or indeed the World.

Scotland is a beautiful country and absolutely perfect for an outdoor lifestyle. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code allows the freedom to roam or ride and not to be reliant on having to keep to Bridleways or Public Property. In short as horses we can go anywhere we like so long as we do not go onto commercial property or into a private garden.

Add in the fact that 10% of the UK population live in Scotland leaving us with less people and therefore less traffic. Most of the hacks I take my Mother on involve no roadwork and therefore minimal traffic. So peaceful.

Highland Pony in the Torridon Hills


Moray Riding

Here in Moray we are one of most heavily forested parts of Scotland so we have the most superb hacking ever. If you want great scenery and solitude then we have it. I am very fit because this part of Scotland is quite undulating and we have some very long hills for extra fittening work outs.

So my Mother and I spend a lot of time riding Forest Trails as we have 1800 acres of Forest next door to us. We meet very little traffic although there can be a lot of pheasants. Sometimes we can canter alongside the mighty River Findhorn and then climb higher up to admire the stunning view.

We might meander around some beautiful Lochs or admire the views over the North East Coastline from our favourite spot on High Drive. With more time available we climb higher and ride around Loch Romach and enjoy even more widespread views. Sometimes we take a packed lunch and some polos with us.

Of course there is an excellent base of shows, riding clubs, one day events and high class tuition available as well if your rider needs to upskill. My Mother says she likes to ride for relaxation and to enjoy the countryside.

We can visit neighbouring Estates and enjoy their tracks, I love September after the harvest  and we get to enjoy the stubble fields for a good pipe opener. Those same fields stay drive over Winter and can be used all Winter.


Riding horse in Scotland


My Mother has spent lots of time riding abroad and riding all over Scotland. She has ridden from Coast to Coast in Scotland, then from Spean Bridge to Torridon via Glen Affric in the Highlands. She has also ridden through the Cairngorms from Aviemore over to the Angus Glens but she says I am too busy for that sort of riding! Well she has made me very busy writing this I must say I hope she gives me a huge dinner.

Pony Trekking in the Highlands


She says that is Pony Trekking and that the Highland Pony is the perfect horse for the old Drover’s Roads and Deer Trails that range over the Scottish Hillsides. Personally I think it is because she likes to use a mounting block but that is just my opinion.

Riding across some of the Hills means be prepared to walk alongside your pony some of the time, watching out for bogs and can involve some steep ascents or descents but also gives you a taste of the true Highlands and remoteness. If this is something that interests you then you might find Wilder Ways interesting.


Horse Riding in Scotland with Dunrobin Castle in the Background

Beach Riding

If you have not bought your own horse with you my Mother says you can visit Equus Riding and book a wonderful ride with Lisa on Roseisle Beach which is four miles of pure sand.  Personally I like to enjoy the Forest before I hit the sand.

Riding Loch Ness

As visitors to the Country you cannot visit Scotland without visiting Loch Ness but how many people can say they have ridden at Loch Ness?  Well the riding above Loch Ness is wonderful and the best place to ride from is Loch Ness Riding. You need to be an experienced rider for this but it will be an experience you never forget.

Bed and Breakfast for you and your Horse

Of course if you have your own horse and want to give them their own special holiday then bed and breakfast is available for both you and your horse to stay with me and we can take you on some escorted rides.  I have 6 stables and 3 fields here so would be glad to share my accommodation with you. I have lots of hay and wood pellets here that make for nice night’s sleep but do be prepared for some hill work.

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