February in Scotland

February in Scotland

If you google February in Scotland, you will get the following information! It’s winter in February in Scotland, so expect cold weather, wind and rain. It gets particularly wet on the west coast. Ask if it snows in Scotland in February, and then the answer is likely yes, but more so on the high peaks. On average, there are highs of 6°C (42°F) and lows of 0°C (32°F).

I always like to check out the Snow Gate webcams, which you can do here. They give you an excellent idea of how much snow is in the Cairngorms, remembering that if the Snow Gates are closed, the road is closed.

And as we all know, we cannot argue with Google, so yes, whilst it’s Valentine’s Day, and yes, it is that time when you start to notice that it is now light until 5 pm, so you get the feeling that Spring is on the way, but yes you can expect cold weather with or without snow.

However, if you plan to holiday in Scotland, this is a great time to plan and think about when you might travel to Scotland and what to do in Scotland. The following are some great examples:

Salmon Fishing in ScotlandFebruary in Scotland for Salmon Fishing

If you are a fisherman, February is the month to visit. February is the start of the Season, with the 1st of February bringing in the official opening and blessing of the River. In true traditional fashion, this will include playing the pipes and the traditional blessing with a silver quaich of Single Malt whisky.

Here at Blervie, we are lucky to be close to the Rivers Findhorn and Spey, with many excellent local Estates offering superb fishing.

Valentine’s Day in Scotland

And, of course, no February is complete without mentioning Valentine’s Day. So, if your idea of Valentine’s Day is roaring log fires with long romantic walks on sandy beaches, visiting Scotland in February is perfect.

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festivalbest january 2021 traditions in scotland

Many of our guests will be watching for the release of Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival tickets. This 6-day event in May offers 500+ whisky-inspired events with visitors from more than 54 countries.

This is the time to plan and book your event tickets; the popular ones sell out fast. Even if you are not a committed whisky lover, you cannot help but get involved occasionally. I always enjoy the Food tasting events!

There are events for everyone from Hill Treks with Glenlivet Hill Treks, Gin Tastings, not to mention the end of Festival Ceilidh, so here is your opportunity if your Scotland Bucket List includes a distillery tour, a Ceilidh do it in style.

Planning your holiday in Scotland

The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo is another don’t-miss event; tickets are already on sale for this August event. Please take my advice and plan to make the most of your holiday in Scotland. We might be a small country with a small population, but we are very popular during peak season.

Guest BloggerRosie Horse in stable

My fellow teamsters are no longer getting a free board and lodge; we all have to contribute. My name is Rosie. My full name is Deards Shanlaragh because I am the real deal. I am a very well-bred Irish Draught with a to-die-for pedigree. I have King of Diamonds as a great, great grandfather. That makes me a Crown Princess, although others say I am a Diva. Next month, I will be 22 years old. I have lived here at Blervie House since I was 16.

I was born on a Racing Stud in Ireland and lived in the West Country of England for a while before moving to Banffshire, where I lived before I moved here. I am 16.2 hh, which means I am quite a big girl, and the last time I weighed myself, I was 647kg, but I don’t particularly appreciate standing on the scales too often.

These days, I go out hacking or trail riding with Sheena. The hacking around Blervie House is the best I have ever seen. From my stable, I can hack in a straight line for 25 miles and reach Grantown-on-Spey while crossing only one road. I love hacking. I am super speedy and always want to go as fast as possible. I am also super comfortable to ride, but I would not describe myself as a Novice Ride.Chestnut horse called Rosie in rug

I am slightly reticent about meeting strangers, although Polo mints can tempt me because I love those. I am very much a Chestnut Mare, and never let anyone forget that. You should see the range of faces I can pull when you try to do something with me. I am proud of them. But actually, it is all an act because I am super sweet and will always give you a little whicker when I know you well enough.

During the winter, I sleep in my smart stable overnight and like to get out during the day. I have a range of winter coats that can keep me warm or dry according to the weather. In  Summer, I prefer the cool of the stable during the day to avoid the flies. Because I am considered a Veteran – did you know that is equivalent to 65 human years – my diet is adjusted accordingly. I get a special Senior diet with lots of fibre and very little starch and sugar, but I think I look good for my age and love showing off my moves.

Now you know a little bit about me, come and say hello when you are next here. If you have any more questions, please ask; I would be happy to answer them.

Back to Planning

Blervie House inwinter snow.So, whilst some of us here in Scotland are experiencing the cold weather with some snow, don’t forget we are still in residence to help with reservations and planning so that you can get the most out of your stay. Some fantastic events are happening throughout the year, and with everything opening up just a bit more, it will be wonderful to see guests enjoying some of these events.

It is fun to see reservations with a mix of new and returning guests already booked. Likewise, it is fascinating to find people’s reasons for staying in Scotland. I wish you a fun February. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.