J is for the Just not to be Missed

Not to be missed, Castle Findlater on the Moray Coast

J – this month J is for the Just not to be missed if staying here is a visit to the little known Castle Findlater. The name Findlater seems to be Gaelic for white cliff and the first record of a castle here goes back to 1246. Perched high upon on a northerly point of the Moray Coastal Trail this castle is set in a stunning position. How and why they choose to build in this location can only be marvelled at. Another consideration ought to be how cold was it in Winter!


The Castle is accessible but a more sensible option might be enjoy the view of the Castle from the Moray Coastal Path unless you are fit and adventurous and want the authentic experience.

If you leave your car in the car park and walk to the Castle you will see a beehive structure of the Findlater Doocot or Dovecot.  Built in 1500, restored in 1992 this is well worth the time to explore.

Not to be Missed – the Doocot.

The Doocot contains 700 nest boxes for birds to nest and represents a symbol of status and power as only the local Laird was allowed a to own a Doocot.  Pigeons and Doves at this time were an important food source and kept for their eggs, meat and dung. Once you have seen this Doocot you might notice two or three Doocots in the nearby areas.