10 Reasons Why to Visit Scotland Again

Blervie House Sun Terrace reasons why to visit scotland

As I continue with my alphabetical list of Things to Do from Blervie House this leads me to Y. So my suggestion is to look at just Ten Reasons Why to Visit Scotland Again as whilst we have many, many things to do in this area none of them begins with a Y. This leads me to ask the question – why not come again?

Travel in 2020 was very different for all of us and sadly travel for 2021 looks like being very similar. As we all get used to masks and sanitisers then finding the right place to stay that can manage the precautions to our personal satisfaction becomes all the more important. Likewise travelling to an area of lower risk offering plenty of social distancing opportunities becomes the perfect opportunity for a relaxing holiday.

And indeed there is something special about returning to a location you know well. If you have been before you have probably spent time exploring and found special places you would like to re-visit or seen places that you did not have time to visit which makes you hanker to return.

Therefore these are my Top 10 Socially Distanced Reasons Why to Visit Scotland and Moray again and why you should consider returning to stay with us:

  1. The Scottish Roads – the best way of reaching Blervie from the South is to drive the Snow Roads. This incredible road has some of the best scenery in Scotland and makes the whole journey worthwhile.  The drive takes you through the Cairngorms National Park and depending upon your timings you can stop and explore the Highland villages of Ballater and Braemar or visit the Queen’s Balmoral Castle.
  2. The Moray Firth Coastline – as rated by the National Geographic the coastline alongside the Moray Firth is spectacular with stunning cliff scenery, pretty coastal fishing villages and miles and miles of sandy beaches. Make sure you walk on Roseisle Beach and visit some of the unique rock formations that you find along the Coastline. At the same time look out for seals, dolphins and whales as Moray is one of the best places in the UK for Dolphin watching.Bow Fiddle Rock
  3. The Malt Whisky Trail – you are in Scotland and in Moray. This is a world-renowned Malt Whisky Country. Even if you are not a whisky drinker visit one of the 51 nearby distilleries to hear the history and legends surrounding the brand. The countryside is beautiful and each distillery is quite unique.Culloden Battlefield
  4. The History – no visit to this area is complete without a visit to Culloden Battlefield. Walk over the Moorland learning about the last English v Scots battle that took place in 1746 and changed the Highlands forever. Check out Fort George and Clava Cairns as both are nearby. A true taste of Scottish history and a little bit of Outlander all mixed in together.
  5. The Castles – spend a day exploring Castles. We have intact Castles, ruined Castles, spectacular Cathedrals and Palaces, it is hard to know where to start or stop. The beauty of returning to somewhere you know is that you can pick up where you left off.
  6. The Rivers – nearby we have the stunning River Findhorn and we are not far away from the scenic River Spey. You could spend a day salmon fishing on either River. The Findhorn is the perfect river for incredible cliff top walks with stunning views or the more adventurous you can try your hand at white water rafting.River Findhorn
  7. Loch Ness – again no trip to the area is complete without a visit to Loch Ness. Take a trip out on the Loch with Jacobite Cruises and visit the Castle at the same time.
  8. The Great Outdoors – after so much time spent indoors in the past year Moray is the perfect place to get outdoors and close to nature. With endless walking routes of any length if wish to hike a Munro or prefer to saunter alongside a river we have it all. For cyclists road or endless mountain trails are out there. For Golfers, we have superb Open Courses, links courses and parkland courses all within easy reach. Along with the long hours of daylight and a pleasant micro-climate the outdoors has it all.
  9. Johnstons of Elgin– everyone needs to spend a little time shopping when away from home and all our guests find the time to fit in a trip to Johnstons. Take the Heritage Tour and you will be astounded at the history and quality of their woollens.
  10. The Blervie House Experience – and of course last but not least Blervie House itself is a very justifiable reason to return to Moray. With our beautiful rooms, great location, secluded grounds and relaxing atmosphere we really do hope you will return and find more compelling reasons to visit Scotland.

Blervie House rear view