The Malt Whisky Trail and more beginning with T

The Malt Whisky Trail Signpost

We all know Scotland is associated with The Malt Whisky Trail and that regardless of whether you visit Scotland for the first time or are a repeat visitor, you will cross a Distillery threshold sooner or later.

The Malt Whisky Trail

Situated in Scotland’s Speyside, visitors will find The Malt Whisky Trail, a collection of 9 handpicked sites offering the complete package regarding the history and production of this world-famous amber liquid. Ranging from the historical distillery of Dallas Dhu to the Speyside Cooperage and nearby Glenfiddich.

Dallas Dhu Distillery now a Museum

Then the Gordon and Macphail distillery Benromach closest to us can be followed by a visit to Glen Moray, just a short drive along the coast. Please don’t take the main road here and ask me for directions because the views on this route are so beautiful.

Drive further afield and visit the stunning beautiful Strathisla, the oldest working distillery in Scotland. Admire the two stones you cannot overlook as you walk up to the building – they were initially part of a Castle and still bear the owner’s initials. Visit during the beginning of October and check out the River Isla for salmon leaping up the River to their spawning grounds.

Glenlivet ViewFrom Strathisla, take a different route to Glen Grant, visit the distillery, and enjoy its stunning gardens. Take another way from us and cruise across the heather-covered moors to Cardhu before venturing down to the unforgettable scenery of the Glenlivet Distillery. The scenery around here is so beautiful it is easy to get lost, but you won’t care. Plan your time well. You might even fit in a Castle or two. Don’t forget to pick up your driver packs if you are driving.

Spend time exploring this Speyside Whisky Trail, and you will go home an expert on some of Scotland’s best Single Malts; you will probably have a few souvenirs in your luggage too.

Blairfindy Castle

Touring Scottish Roads

Scotland has become renowned for various driving routes, such as the North Coast 500 and the Snow Roads. No one can argue that Scotland’s scenery is spectacular, but one of the best ways to enjoy it is to experience it by car. Again here at Blervie House, we make a great start or end to the either iconic route. Or, of course, if you want to do a little bit of one or the other, you can stroll down to Balmoral Castle via the Snow Roads and have a nice lunch or a short stroll in the Cairngorms.

Things to do in Moray - Military Road in the Cairngorms National Park

But equally, if you are enjoying The Malt Whisky Trail, you will find the route is designed to give you an authentic taste of whisky and Scottish scenery.


Scotland also has a few famous train rides, not least the Jacobite Express for all those Harry Potter fans. Close to us for whisky trail train enthusiasts wishing to combine a dram and a trip to Dufftown, you can take a step back on the Keith Dufftown railway, known locally as The Whisky Line. With rolling hills, forests, barley fields and glens and the aroma of living stills, this is a different way to experience the scenery and whiskies of Scotland.

Keith and Dufftown Railway LineAnd while I am thinking about trains, don’t forget we have a brand new railway station in Forres just 3 miles away. If you fancy a day in Inverness, then it is jumping on the train at Forres, stopping once at Nairn, and the next stop is the Inverness town centre. This gives you a chance to do a walking tour, explore some sights, grab a bite to eat by the River Ness or take one of the many-day tours out of Inverness and let someone else do the driving.

So there are endless things to do, from Blervie House and Whisky Trails, touring or trains are all a lovely way to sit back and enjoy Scotland.