New August 2020 Scottish Staycation Ideas

Charlie's Staycation

August 2020 sees us all looking for new Scottish Staycation Ideas. In a normal year here at Blervie House we would have expected to see in the region of 1100 guests from a range of 32 different countries but obviously we will not see that many guests this year and certainly not our International guests! At this time of year normally all the Highland Games would be in full swing, the Queen arrives at Balmoral and the sun is out.

So while lots of guests have re-booked for next year that leaves many of us wondering what to do for this year. Much as I love this area 3 months of Lockdown is a long time so I think we are all looking for something new whilst being aware that perhaps being out in the fresh air and maintaining a 2 metre distance or so from others is probably a good idea.

Staycation Ideas

With the good news that Scotland is open again albeit two weeks behind England this means there are literally hundreds of opportunities to find new Staycation ideas. If you are looking for great scenery, walking, beaches, mountains and not too many people this is an ideal time to visit. Spectacular ruined clifftop castles are wonderful at any time but even more mesmeric when you have time to quietly enjoy them by yourself. I am always gruesomely attracted to Castle prisons and always think they are more profound when you have more time to reflect on who must have been enclosed there. There are some other local social distancing ideas for you here.


Not to be missed, Castle Findlater on the Moray Coast

If you are not sure where to go and what to see – there is an enormous choice for such a small country do have a look at  Visit Scotland  or check out more local ideas on this website.  However do be aware that because of Social Distancing measures you may need to book admission for some of the attractions such as Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness but these are easy to book online.

Historic Scotland allows you to pre-book some of these special visits but also allows you to plan a number of visits to free and outside sites that make a great day out.

Roseisle Beach, in Moray, Scotland

Reassurance during your Staycation

Scotland relies heavily on Tourism so the Industry has been pulling together to reassure people that their stay is worthwhile and safe. Like all accommodation properties we have reviewed and renewed our cleaning schedules.  We are pleased to be able to introduce our new UV Light sanitising machines that means your room will be signed, sealed and delivered to you at a standard that you would expect in a Hospital.

Charlie the Peacock has had his own Scottish Staycation

Whilst on the subject of staycations many of you will have met Charlie Peacock who has been here at the house longer than we have. A few weeks ago Charlie left us which we found really upsetting.  We spent a long time looking for him on foot, horseback and car! It is not very often you can randomly stop and ask people if they have seen your Peacock! A number of people reported seeing him but he kept moving on. Eventually we tracked him down to some neighbours 3 fields away.

Due to his age and his friendly nature he was pleased to see us and enjoyed receiving his regular meals of red berry suet pellets, peanuts and mealworms. We hoped he would come home on his own but in the end caught him and bought him home. It then became obvious that he had had a disagreement with the other Peacock who had arrived unannounced. Fortunately we managed to re-home the other the second Peacock and Charlie is back to normal. Sleeping in his favourite tree, sunbathing on the porch and enjoying his dinner with the pups in his favourite dog bowl which must just prove there is a suitable staycation in Scotland for everyone!


New August 2020 Scottish Staycation Ideas 1

So that leaves us with good news that we have our Peacock back, good news that our Room cleanliness exceeds National Guidelines and great news that there are lots of ideas for new types of Staycations in Scotland.

Staycation Charlie