Photography in Moray

Photography in Moray | Scenic Views | Castles | - Blervie House

Scotland is made for photographers, every corner of this country has a scenic view, mountain, castle or beach that makes you just want to take a deep breath and record the view for prosperity. Like so many of us these days I love taking photographs – I take literally thousands.  Most of the photos I take are from the back of a horse so my phone or compact Digital camera on Intelligent Auto takes a great photo in a tricky situation.  My trusty Smartphone is wonderful for Social Media photos and so, so easy to upload.

Photography in Moray | Scenic Views | Castles | - Blervie House
Which Camera shall I use today?

But if you are like me you will have a computer full of memories that may not work well as photographs. If you then have to find photographs to put on your own website you realise your photographic knowledge is sadly lacking. You may also question if your camera is up to job and should you upgrade to the latest model.

However there is another option – training, find someone who can really help you understand your camera and help you take better images with your existing camera.  Which was why I was back to evening school this January for Photography Training.

As a group we looked at a mix of theoretical and practical sessions starting off with just the basics of Composition.  From there we progressed through Aperture Priority – who knew how easy it was to get so much from your own camera when you have the time to concentrate and practice. We moved on through to Shutter Speed and clever images capturing light and water.  While we were all at different levels with different cameras we all learnt and achieved so much, I had no idea just how much my camera could do.

Photography in Moray | Scenic Views | Castles | - Blervie House
Where does this road go?

So what do I do differently now as a result – visualise and think about composition more, use simple techniques regarding light, realise how much time goes into a quality image and appreciate a stunning image so much more understanding how the photographer created it however I still take most of my photos from my horse!

Would I do the course again – definitely yes in fact  I have learnt how satisfying photography can be to people on all levels and how in a relaxed and structured environment everyone can reach a new level with their own camera and in order to help encourage everyone to build new skills with their camera Blervie House will be offering Residential Photography Workshops with Gary Murison starting this Autumn.

If doing more with your camera is on you wish contact us now – Scotland is waiting for you.

Photography in Moray | Scenic Views | Castles | - Blervie House
What will you do with your photos?