New Guest Relations at Blervie


Hello, I am the Guest Relations Manager here at Blervie House and I would like to introduce myself and update potential visitors about some of the special entertainments I offer.

My name is Rosie – I am a very friendly, fun loving person. I am 7  in dog years which equates to 49 in human years.  I am pure white most of the time but I do enjoy a nice roll, mostly on the grass but sometimes in the dust and then I am not very white.  I don’t like rolling in anything smelly but I do like changing my fur colour.

I enjoy swimming especially when it is as hot as it has been this Summer.  I am quite unique insofar as I have had to have surgery on all 4 legs, I have half a blue eye and I am quite deaf in one ear which makes it very difficult to locate the direction I am called from but that can also be very convenient sometimes.

I did not learn to bark until I was 3 years old. One day when I was having so much fun I found myself barking and now I love to bark and tell everyone how happy I am and how exciting life is.

I am an expert on short picturesque walks in the area and am very happy to share my knowledge of suitable walks guests can take from the house. I actually have a huge Forestry area next to where I live as we have extensive walking here from the house or check out walks further afield.

I live here with my big brother Winston and we are very lucky to have our own room furnished in a befitting manner.  Winston is older and has some arthritis so he is not as keen on playing as I am. We both understand that some guests do not want to meet us in which case we are very happy to catch up on our beauty sleep.

Guest Relations Manager Goals

My goal as Relations Manager is to make sure all the guests really enjoy themselves and feel at home during their stay.

Guest Relations
Afternoon Massage Session

To achieve this, I have a few activities I offer to Blervie guests:

  • Play ball – this is my favourite entertainment but only if I am allowed to keep the ball
  • Sit outside on the bench (no stone tiles for me) and be petted
  • Give licks and kisses
  • Allow guests to give me a massage
  • Share my favourite toys – usually Bear or Orca
  • Play chase in the garden – I love get the guests fit by running up and down the garden with them
  • Sit outside on the bench and participate in whisky tasting sessions (can you guess my favourite) or better still an evening barbecue
  • Go for a slow walk –but be warned I am easily distracted if there are lot of smells
Guest Relations
Throw that Ball

These are just a few of the Guest Relations activity options I offer. Of course, many guests choose just to sit down and pet me, sometimes I even have to remind them they have stopped.

I am even prepared to get off my bed late at night just so guests can have a goodnight cuddle with me. They say I remind them of their puppies they have at home so I do my best to provide them with the appropriate level of comfort.

I am always sorry when guests go, some people would like me to go home with them, some leave me special messages but I am a true professional and look forward to welcoming my next guests with open paws and many kisses.

Guest Relations
Exhausting work need a little rest now before the next guests arrive.