8 Social Distancing Activities in To Do Scotland

Roseisle Beach, in Moray, Scotland

So as we having to Social Distance these days so I thought it would be helpful to suggest 9 Social Distancing Activities in Scotland that you can do while staying with us at Blervie House.

To begin with think about where we are located. We are on North East Coast of Scotland, Morayshire in between the Highland Region and adjacent to Aberdeenshire. Then take into account Scotland is almost exactly one third the land mass of the whole of the UK yet only has 8.3% of the UK population which is approximately 5.4 million residents.

Most of Scotland’s population is located around the larger cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh included in the Central Belt.  Population density is 65 persons per km2  for Scotland and ranges from 8 persons per km2  in Highland Council area to 3,298 persons per km2  in Glasgow City Council area.

That means if you are looking to social distance and experience fresh air, open spaces then there are numerous opportunities in this part of Scotland. This year with the Covid-19 Pandemic many tourist sites are closed but equally many of the less frequented sites and just as special outdoor locations are still available to explore.

Here are just a few of my suggestions on our doorstep.

Social Distancing Activities

1) Beaches –  okay so there might be one or two locals on it. You may even see some dolphins as well. Within a short drive of us we have numerous stunning beaches ranging from the seals at Findhorn, to the flat horseshoe shaped sands of Roseisle to the stunning cliffs of Hopeman and many more.

  Seals at Findhorn Beach


2) Visit Duffus Castle – often overlooked this huge motte and bailey Castle was in use from c.1140 to 1705 and must have been a formidable fortification. Out in the open with superb views the thickness of the walls and the size of the fortress need to be admired.


Social Distancing at Duffus Castle in Scotland

3) Elgin Cathedral  – nearby you have the opportunity to visit Elgin Cathedral known as the Lantern of the North. I lived here for 5 years before visiting this Cathedral and I left it far too long. The Cathedral is huge, spend time enjoying the grounds and wonder at the influence the Bishops of Moray had over enormous areas of the Highlands.

Whilst the Cathedral is outdoors the indoor displays are stunning. Reviewing the colours that were used on the masonry, the clothing and the ornateness of the Stone – it is incredible to wonder at the vast richness of those times. Learn the history of the skull and crossbones on the gravestones. Marvel at the distances involved for people buried here. Admire the stone masonry on the Cathedral and the gravestones.

Elgin Cathedral ruins


Elgin Cathedral

Bishop of Moray in Elgin Cathedral



4) Spynie Palace –  Prior to building Elgin Cathedral the Bishops of Moray lived at Spynie Palace. Located just a short drive from Elgin in the most spacious secluded, tranquil, spot that was once a sea inlet. This Palace was indeed huge and the remaining building gives you an idea of the hustle and bustle that ensuing in days gone by. Even used by Royalty as a Guesthouse in years gone by. Climb to the top to admire the extensive views but most of enjoy the solitude in this idyllic spot. Social Distancing opportunities abound here, when you have enjoyed the Palace take a walk around Spynie Loch.

Spynie Palace

Spynie Palace

5) River Findhorn – The River Findhorn is a majestic river and slightly hidden away unless you know where to look. It is a majestic River boasting some of the best white water in the UK, yet offering amazing limestone cliffs and extensive views or the narrowed down rock formations of the legendary Randolph’s Leap. For quiet socially distanced walking it is perfect. Even better plan your walk along the River near Logie Steading and enjoy an outdoor lunch there as well.

River Findhorn


6) Tour the Scenery – Scotland is a country made for touring and what easier way to do this driving. Pack a map and a picnic and take off. We are thirty minutes from the Cairngorms National Park. Drive The Snow Roads for some of Scotland’s best scenery, drive through the Highland villages of Granton-on-Spey, then Tomintoul, highest village in the UK over the Lecht Pass and down to Ballater and Braemar – home of the Royal Family for the Summer.  Find a great Social Distancing spot to admire the scenery – you will be spoilt for choice.

Shows the military roads in the Cairngorms National Park  Corgarff Castle in Cairngorms National Park

7) Visit Loch Ness – There are many ways to enjoy Loch Ness whilst social distancing. You can drive round it, you can stop and enjoy the Castle learning the History at the same time. Or even take a boat trip but you may prefer to find a walk around it or find a walk and admire the Loch from on high. But if you have not visited then it is worth finding the time to visit.

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness


8) Walking – This part of Scotland has numerous opportunities for walking at any level, if you are looking for long distance walking then we have the Moray Way comprising of 3 different walks making up one long distance walk. However if you like anything from a 30 minute fresh air stroll to a two hour bracing walk then you are in the right place. Grab your boots – decide if it is hills, forest, beach or river and let us point you in the right direction. We have wonderful walking for all levels on our doorstep.

And we have many more social distancing spots…….