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Here at Blervie House we have considered all the available Covid 19 Sanitising options and settled for the system that keeps us 100% clean.

Safe Sanitising for Covid 19 in our New Normal World 1We took time to consider the safety of all involved our guests, our staff and ourselves and to that effect our Covid 19 cleaning options have been explored and actioned to the highest level. This has ensured that we have received our Good To Go certification.

It goes without saying that with our existing 5 Star ranking our pre-Covid 19 cleaning routines were very meticulous.  We have now undertaken further research and training and added to our previous protocols. We have introduced two Safe Sanitising for Covid 19 in our New Normal World 2Robotic UV Light Machines from Vivid Hospitality Solutions into our cleaning regime.

Covid 19 Deep Clean Assurance

This technology is not new and has in fact been used by medical practitioners for more than 50 years. The system deactivates viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses, safely and quickly. The medical and scientific communities agree that UVC will deactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19*.

Whilst obviously not new to the medical world it is definitely new to the Hospitality world and gradually being introduced further afield into airports and other businesses.

Safe Sanitising for Covid 19 in our New Normal World 3This means that in addition to our normal cleaning measures and our additional attention to touch points throughout the day we are using Covid 19 approved cleaning materials on the rooms. Once this enhanced cleaning process is completed we introduce the mobile UV machines. The room size is calculated and the machine is programmed for the duration required.  The room is sealed with a door barrier and the machine is left to “do its’ thing”. In our larger rooms this could be as long as 33 minutes.

Once the machine has finished the barrier is removed along with the machine and the room is sealed with it’s official UV sticker. This means it cannot be used/entered until the new guest breaks the seal.The mobility of these machines allow us to use them in every room of the house providing a further safe environment.

Door Seal in place when UV Light Sanitising taking place

We believe that our system is the best available on the market today and offers our guests and staff the security and peace of mind that we all require. It is our firm intention to continue this cleaning regime for the foreseeable future due to the very nature of the potential dangers involved.

Your Covid 19 Safety

Blervie House Sun TerraceAll of this combines to providing our guests with superior cleanliness they should expect on their stay with us at Blervie House.

And don’t forget we have lots of opportunity for you to Social Distance both inside and outside the house.

(* 1. Departments of Infection Prevention and Medical Physics, The Netherlands 2.Mario Clerici – University of Milano).