April in Scotland

april in scotland

Wondering when the best time is to visit Scotland and thinking about spending April in Scotland?  Well, this is when it all starts to happen, the new season begins, and it is heralded by the appearance of Spring, so expect to see snowdrops, crocuses, snow-white lambs in the fields and especially the fragrant yellow gorse flowers adorning the countryside.Yellow Gorse

Guests often ask when is the best time to visit Scotland, and really, there is never a wrong time, and potentially April is perhaps still early in the year for visiting. Still, the weather is better, the days are longer, visitor attractions are open, and life is good.

After large storms in the UK this year, such as Storm Otto, we look forward to an amazing April. In this part of Scotland, having had such heavy snowfall in the Mountains this year, we will see full, fast-flowing Rivers this month. So if you enjoy walking along spectacular Rivers and watching flowing waters, visit the River Findhorn or even take a raft trip down it. You will appreciate how this river has shaped the gorges over the years.

White water rafting

Alternatively, visit the Dee when driving through Ballater or Braemar or visit the huge fast-flowing River Spey with the Cairngorm Mountains in the background if exploring Aberlour village.  Truly fabulous nature at work.

Expand your drive through Aberdeenshire for glimpses of the devastation that visiting storms have wrought upon some of the forests to give you some idea of the wind speeds involved.

The River DeeVisiting Scotland in April has, of course, a much-appreciated mid-month Easter Break and at the end of the month when we see the start of the Speyside Whisky Festival.

However, we have one local attraction that I always associate with Easter: Brodie Castle.  Brodie Castle attracts visitors from all over the world to view its exceptional collection of specialist Daffodils.

It started by Major Ian Brodie, the 24th Laird of Brodie and clan chieftain, who began tinkering with daffodils in 1899 at his ancestral castle home, first cross-breeding from around 49 different bulbs. Almost immediately, his experimentation had to be put on hold after joining the Lovat Scouts in 1900 to fight in the Second Boer War.Daffodils at Brodie Castle if visiting Scotland in April 2021

But Major Brodie persevered and bred over 400 named cultivars, of which 116 can be seen today in the National Collection at Brodie Castle. And well worth noting that the UK still produces 90% of the world’s cut daffodils and exports to Europe and the USA, many of which may have originated in this corner of Scotland. If you want something new, Spring-like and fabulous, add Brodie Castle grounds to your list.

So once again, this is Spring in Scotland, so the best Scottish motto you can rely on is to be prepared!  Spring could be early or later than the rest of the UK. We could just as quickly have early Sunshine or Snow Flurries. Who knows? However, looking out for snowdrops and newly emerging leaves on the trees is always fun.

The sign I always look for is newborn lambs that can be seen in the fields with their Mums and add to the countryside vista of everything re-inventing itself again.Expect to see lambs if visiting Scotland in April 2021

As ever, Scotland offers something for everyone, so the simple pleasures of being outdoors are there for everyone to enjoy. Check out the seals on the beach, take a long winding walk or sit and watch a pretty burn in the sunlight, and watch the ewes looking after their lambs.

Early Spring often brings out the bright yellow on the Gorse bushes everywhere in Scotland. Tending to grow on poor soil, their colourful yellow flowers lift the landscape. Try picking the flowers and turning them into coconut-like flavoured ice cream.

If you looking further afield, you might be thinking of driving the unique North Coast 500 Route and exploring Scotland’s most northerly scenery, and so you should.

View of Strathisla Distillery

Some people prefer to travel when the weather is more guaranteed, and there are more daylight hours. It is always worth checking some of the Annual Events for your preferred time to visit.

Many of our guests use us as a starting or finishing point for their North Coast 500 trip and take an extra few days to explore our local surrounding area or visit their favourite whisky distillery. There are at least 50 nearby to choose from. There is one for every taste.

So if you are visiting Scotland in April, please use the above information for ideas on things to do. Then again, if you looking for both a unique bed and breakfast and even the best bed and breakfast accommodation, you can find then you will love staying with us at Blervie House and will find our best room rates by booking directly via our website.

Stay three nights, and the room rate gets even better! Then sit back, relax and enjoy a spectacular Scottish Sunset. So my advice this month is to enjoy April wherever you are – at least it brings us closer to Summer.  Let us know your thoughts on the best time to visit Scotland.