5 Reasons to Enjoy October in Scotland in 2020

October in Scotland 2020

Well we all know that this year is turned upside down so if you have never experienced October in Scotland 2020 might be the time to do it.  Let’s look at reasons why you might want to do this:

  1. The colours of Autumn – this part of Scotland is one of the most densely forested parts of the UK and the good news is that it is not all Pine Trees. We have the most incredibly majestic combination of Pine and Deciduous forests which when the time is right turn such a golden colour it is like being in New England without the cost of getting there.  I especially love the Larch trees, a member of the Pinaceae family they look like Pines but they stand out on the hillside as they turn golden in a sea of green as Autumn approaches.Autumnal Larch
  2. Scenery – this year we have had a number of both new and returning visitors to Scotland. All visitors no matter how many times they have visited are always stunned by the beautiful scenery we have. We have it all – the rolling hills of the Borders, the stunning Castles throughout the landscapes, the mountains of the National Parks and even snow in October on the Munros, heather covered moorlands with the intriguing vista of distant tracks going over the hills, rivers, lochs and stunning coastlines. You can even experience it all in your staycation in Moray alone.
  3. Wildlife – if you have never seen a Red Squirrel well they are here, deer you are sure to see Roe deer, red Deer are a little bit more shy but they will be coming down from the hills to rut in October. Buzzards, Eagles, pine martens, hares. Spend a little time with nature and they will find you.
  4. Lots of Open Space – golden tracks beside a River, visit a Palace Ruins or talk a long brisk walk on a sandy beach. Scotland to me is home of open space, fresh air, night skies. It is a chance to rest, relax and re-charge your batteries. Grab your walking boots, put the bike in the car. Our tracks are perfect for bikes so if you have an off road or a hybrid bike that would be my top tip. Ask me for walking suggestions and maps. If you are a golfer there are some amazing courses just waiting to be tackled and some excellent end of season prices. Links or parkland they are all within easy reach of Blervie House.
  5. Book Direct – last but not least you have an incredible choice of accommodation to choose from in Scotland. For booking October in Scotland as the majority of the accommodation is small and independently owned  you have the chance to book direct and get advantageous pricing. You then have the opportunity to live like a local and get insider information on the best attractions. Of course we would love you all to stay with us at Blervie House. In fact this year we have had many guests staying here for extended visits because there is so much to do in this part of Scotland however we also want you to see and experience how much Scotland can offer you so you come back again!

October in Scotland

So I hope I have given you some valid reasons for considering venturing north in October.  Our latitude dictates darker evenings but our closeness to the Moray Firth and the Gulf Stream give us a micro-climate that makes Autumn a welcoming vista with crisp, dry, sunlit days perfect for enjoying the countryside.

Please be reassured that with 45 rooms and 20,000 square feet plus all our UV Light Cleansing Regimes social distancing in this house is well under control and that have the current legislation well in hand to help you enjoy October in Scotland.  It may well be a long winter for us all.

The evenings are made for quiet reflection with a good book and a wee dram.