Salmon Fishing

Room #1
There are many so activities to experience during your stay in Scotland and Salmon Fishing may well be one of them. So if you are an experienced Fisherman, have not fished for a while or have even never fished then your stay at Blervie presents a unique opportunity to go fishing so to speak. We are located just 15 minutes drive away from the River Findhorn one of the longest and most scenic rivers in Scotland. If you are staying between May and September then this is an ideal time for Salmon fishing. It is possible to book a whole or half day along with the services of the resident Ghillie. Rod, line and reel are all available for hire. However long you decide to book for you can be assured of a truly spectacular experience on this stunning river.Salmon Fishing - Blervie For more information please contact us or to book directly visit Fishing at Logie Steading.