October in Moray

October in Moray is Half Term at Gordonstoun School

October in Moray arrives as the months march on and already know half-term is here complete with the inevitable clock change weekend.

Half term brings a busy period to this part of Scotland as parents from all over the world visit children at the nearby Gordonstoun School and take the time to tour Scotland together.


In keeping with the weather, the Carrbridge World Porridge Making Championships happen this month.  Well worth attending there are visitors and champion porridge makers from all over the world competing and showing off their skills. Best of all attendees get to sample the entries and you will be amazed at the different dishes you can produce using porridge. And don’t forget to buy a genuine Spurtle while you are at this event.

October in Moray 1


More October in Moray Events

This month The Dramathon takes place a special marathon event occurs offering varying distances from a Full Dram to a wee Dram but all the routes include a number of Speyside distilleries and superb forest scenery.  I think it is quite possible people enjoy a dram or two at the finish!

More choices of spirits are available at the Autumn Whisky Colours Festival – lots of opportunity to spend time finding new whiskies and enjoying the Dufftown scenery.

Of course, we cannot forget October brings us Halloween and things that go bump in the night. Keith and Dufftown Railway offers a scenic 11-mile ride between Keith and Dufftown and runs special events in October delving into the horror and suffering of our ancestors. However, if you riding the rails during the Whisky Colours Festival you can partake of the less frightening free whisky and shortbread option – I know which I would prefer.