May in Scotland 2020

Spring View - May in Scotland

Normally I think May in Scotland is one of our best kept secrets because it is such a fabulous time of the year to visit.  The weather is can be variable, but then this is Scotland so we expect that. To be fair May weather is normally pretty good. Of course all the visitor attractions are open and for those of us now used to soclal distancing there are less visitors than in high Summer.

Add that feeling of Spring in the air with the new leaves on the trees, daffodils, the distinctive bright yellow Gorse on the hillsides, birdsong and Spring lambs in the field and you will designate May your favourite visit Scotland month for all time.

However sadly that is not the case this year. I am sure you are like me you wish you could just press a Reset button and start this year all over again. At Blervie we are of course following Government advice and are temporarily closed. We await further instruction later this month and then of course there will be Social Distancing guidelines to adhere to and none of us know what exactly that will entail.

We were looking forward to meeting lots of new guests and lots of returning guests. A number of International small groups were due in this month which is always fun as they have the whole house to themselves and makes the occasion feel like one big House Party.

Instead we are dealing with disappointed guests having to cancel their trip and/or hoping to reschedule their trip.

So in the meantime we are taking the time to revisit how we can best offer our accommodation in terms of rates and additional services. We had already added a new walk in shower to one of our Bathrooms making up a new Friends and Family Suite.

Golf Groups

Something else we had planned for this having liaised with a number of wonderful local Golf Courses.  We have 5 of the Top 100 UK courses on our doorstep and are now in a position to offer some fabulous customised Golf Breaks for individuals or small groups.

May in Scotland Attractions

Like the rest of the world  these should have been in full swing the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, Gordon Castle Highland Games due to happen this month. But I don’t need to tell you that as it is the same everywhere.


Rosie dog our Chief Guest Relations Manager is very confused, she is so used to seeking out people that fall prey to her requests for endless petting she is currently very disappointed that she only has Graham and myself to pet her. So much so that she has had to talk herself off on unescorted walks only to be driven home by concerned neighbours.

Rosie Dog - Guest Relations Manager

However she is delighted that the sun is coming out now and she can sunbathe on the terrace. However she prefers to partake in a little Whisky Tasting with guests. She loves it when guests come in from their busy days to get a special Rosie cuddle. She is not going to be happy with any Lockdown extensions.

She has two trainees to look after now. They are two brothers Buddy and Frank and they are already well acquainted with some of our excellent walking and running trails. Walking them makes you realise how lucky we are to live in Scotland and how close to Nature we are. The scent of Pine Trees, the blue skies, the views and the birdsong provide hope and relaxation. If you are staying at Blervie be sure to grab a map and use the tracks on our doorstep.


Two puppies showing brotherly love - May in Scotland 2020

So my message is when the World has sorted out Covid-19, Scotland is still here. May is a fabulous month for visiting and we will look forward to welcoming you.

In the meantime stay safe and keep dreaming of better times ahead.