June in Moray

June in Moray with 3 pairs of walking boots

So last month I was looking forward to meeting new people attending the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. This month we are still on Whisky as we have a number of visitors booked attending a privately organised Whisky School. There will be two groups staying with us enjoying a total immersion into all things Whisky.  I have to admit I am not a huge Whisky fan.  Gin is more my thing and we have some extremely good (local) Gins up here. However, I will be watching and learning – I also need to admit I am very partial to whisky ice cream!

Whisky Ice Cream

I can hear you ask why whisky so important up here? Because of our climate and the geology of the Grampian mountains and glens bordering the River Spey half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries can be found within a short drive of Blervie House. That is to say 50 distilleries within a short drive.

We truly are in the middle of The Malt Whisky Trail. Just pause to think of a whisky you know and I will take a guess it is likely to be a traditional Speyside whisky.  However, the same mountains and glens that help produce the whisky also make the scenery here so spectacular you can just enjoy that side of Scotland.