June 2020 Happenings

Sunset View from Blervie House

So June 2020 Happenings seem unusually quiet and more than a little strange. I imagine many of us must feel the same way. Normally at this time of year Blervie House would be buzzing with lovley guests.  Prior to the arrival of Covid-19 and UK Lockdown we had a number of small groups scheduled to stay with us in June to enjoy their own exclusive use of the house.

The first group was to have been an international group that stayed with us last year.  Travelling with their own Tutor on a very specialised Speyside Malt Whisky Learning Tour.  This group would have had lectures over breakfast in the morning and would then VIP visits to distilleries during the day complete with a private tour and tasting. Then back here for more lectures, a relaxing dinner and perhaps another dram on the Terrace or in the Billiard Room before bed.


Whisky Tasting at Blervie House
Whisky Tasting

The coffee machine would have been brewing non-stop and the House would have been full of people bonding together over a shared love of Malt Whisky. With over 50 distilleries on our door step including some World Class names such as The Macallan, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich. Blervie is ideal for providing accommodation for a private group exploring whisky.

The Memorial Stone at Culloden Battlefield in the Highlands
The Memorial Stone at Culloden Battlefield

Likewise another group were due in from California who again had the whole house to themselves and were planning to be out touring the many sites in the area. Outlander visits, Castles, Loch Ness and then back to enjoy their Highland Home from Home experience with us.  Once again this would have been fun to see the group enjoying their breakfast before going out on a busy day exploring before coming back to a relaxing dinner and then spending some time on the terrace enjoying the sunset,


June 2020 Sunset View from Blervie House
Sunset View from the Terrace at Blervie House

And then of course June tends to be Wedding Month and whilst we do not hold weddings at the house we often have Wedding Parties booking Private Use with us whilst the wedding happens at elsewhere. As such we were looking forward to having an International group of Family and Friends stay with us –  here to enjoy their own Highland Wedding.

All of these groups are now planning on being here in 2021 so we are all hoping for a better June 2021.

Current Covid-19 Information

That leaves us waiting for information and guidelines from the UK Government. In the meantime we are spending time re-visiting all our procedures from check-in, to bedrooms and facilities, breakfasts and check-outs. It will be a strange experience for us all, no hugs or hand shaking, no breakfast buffet.

June 2020 in the Highlands

In the Highlands however life goes on. The Countryside is bright yellow with Gorse and Broom leaving it looking stunning and teeming with new life.  Things to look out for include:

  • Farmers are working the fields and planting new crops.  You see new born lambs and calves in vibrant green fields.
  • A great month for Trout fishing before their large cousins the Salmon arrive in July
  • Dolphins are starting to congregate in the Moray Firth because they are looking for the same Salmon arriving in July
  • Deer Calves are born in June so you might be really lucky and see when you are walking the Hills or Woodland
  • Look out for Birds of Prey as by June young birds will have fledged the nest and are usually quite easy to see testing out their wings on the June thermals with their parents. Golden Eagle,  Peregrines,  Falcons,  Buzzards,  Hen Harrier,  Osprey and Red Kites are the ones to look for.
  • June has the highest number of sunshine hours than any other month in the Highlands with our early mornings and light evenings
  • June is a perfect month for walking with long sunshine hours, great visibility and virtually all the snow has melted from the tops of corries on the hills.

Look out for deer when enjoying the countryside.

So all this is June 2020 let’s hope we all stay safe in this Pandemic and look forward to a better June 2021.