July 2020

Rosie an American Bulldog in Scotland July 2020

If you are reading this is in July 2020 it is because I am not here now and have written my own obituary to save my Mum a job.

My name is Rosie an American Bulldog adopted by my Mum and Dad in 2014 when I was 3 years old. Before that I lived with a family in London but my life was quite boring as they had to work all day. One day I was driven to Sussex and left with Mum and Dad something I found quite upsetting at the time.

July 2020 an American Bulldog in Scotland

It did not take me long to find out how much fun life could be – I learnt to bark. Imagine I was 3 years old and had never barked. So I soon made up for it. My new Mum and Dad soon made my life fun.

An American Bulldog in Scotland

One day we all got up very early and put our beds, toys and dinners in a car and went on an all day drive to Blervie House in Scotland. Car trips are one of my favourite things so I watched all the way. When we got to Blervie I was told we now lived here so I was off exploring, such fun.

Rosie unpacking at Blervie House

I could not believe how cold and damp the house was.  Mum told me I would have to help with renovations and that we had to take out 99 radiators and put in Biomass heating and then it would be super warm. I made her wrap me up in a blanket in the evenings and sometimes I wore my coat to bed. But she was right the new heating system did make the house warm enough for me to sleep comfortably.

Rosie dog sleeping soundly


Doing the renovations meant there were lots of people here to supervise. I loved supervising people especially at lunchtimes, sometimes they left their sandwiches and I tested them to make sure they were suitable. I loved being helpful like that.

Rosie on a log


Did I say car rides were one of my favourite things – well every day we had to drive to Elgin to collect renovation items for the house. Of course I always went with my Dad to make sure he got the correct items. It is such a pretty drive.

Exploring Blervie was wonderful.  I especially liked going on Walkabouts on my own and meeting everyone in the village. I met so many people on my trips and people always told me how beautiful I was, which of course I was. I very graciously accepted their compliments and waved my paw in appreciation. Sometimes they would give me a car ride home.

Rosie at Beach

Of course we went exploring Scotland too. We visited Loch Muick in the Cairngorms, we went running on the beautiful beaches here. My Mum and I explored all sorts of lovely tourist sites together such as Duffus Castle.  We went Dolphin spotting along The Moray Coastal Trail.

We went to the Highland Games once but that was frightening as the noise hurt my ears so I went home early. And we loved visiting outside cafes and coffee shops such as The Captains Table for some rest and relaxation with some sea air.

July 2020 1

American Bulldog Duties

I used to help my Mum with Stable Duties twice a day spending time with my namesake Rosie. We had a lot in common. Both of us  big, beautiful, gracious with the best manners.

The Two Rosies


Then in 2017 Blervie House became a 5 Star Guesthouse – who knew that meant I had people coming to visit me. Oh I so loved it. I became the Guest Relationship Manager. I loved people and we had so many people from all over the world come to visit. Sometimes I would have to partake of Whisky Tasting on the terrace, sometimes just have a massage on the grass.

Rosie and her friend

Sometimes people wanted to see me before they talked to Mum or Dad. Some people just missed their own special pet so I helped them feel better. It was quite hard work, sometimes I even had to come and see people after I had gone to bed. That is quite hard for a girl like me who needs her beauty sleep. I even had special reviews written about me.

Rosie and her bunny

And then of course I had to be there to say goodbye to lovely guests, some were so lovely they left me some Cream Tarts on top of their luggage. Gosh they were so good I had to eat them all at once.

Last year two trainees arrived to help me – personally I think they will be no use at all. They have no idea, they just want to run around and chase one another. However I have tried to teach them, perhaps they will learn. Or if I had had some more time with them they might have improved.

Rosie and her trainee puppies

There were several occasions during my life I had to visit the hospital, I had had leg surgery before I was adopted and I went a bit silly and damaged the other leg after moving to Blervie but I always felt better after my visits. I had had to stop going on long walks and I walked very slowly but I had always enjoyed just sniffing. Mum used to put medicine in my breakfast most days and we often went to see Martina at the vets but I was always brave and beautiful.

July 2020 Opening Preparations

The reason I am writing this is because my Mum will be sad as I am not here and my tummy pain had become too much. I know her heart will be broken as she loved me so much. I will be watching over her and helping her in the Office like I always used to as she works on Covid-19 Opening Preparations. I know she is arranging the best cleaning systems to protect the guests. The office will not be the same without me.

July 2020 2

I am only sorry I am not here to meet all the new and returning guests, I will be watching over your stay at Blervie House and this is a big thank you to my Mum and Dad for giving me the best life they could have done and I am so sorry I could not stay with you for longer.

Lots of love from Rosie Dog


Rosie Dog - Guest Relations Manager