February 2021 in Scotland

3 Things to Do in Scotland February 2021 in Scotland

So let’s see what on’s in February 2021 in Scotland. You might well be reading this tucked up in an armchair in a lovely cosy warm room. How sensible you are. It can certainly be said that January and February are traditionally the coldest months of the year in Scotland.

The temperatures are never unduly cold and will average from 0°C – 7°C in the form of mild and very changeable weather. For this reason alone Scotland does not see many visitors during these months and with the current lockdown procedures in place need I say more.Garden Bench in the snow

However because Scotland is a country of  mountains so alongside this changeable weather parts of the country experience much colder temperatures and snow meaning Scotland can offer a superb selection of Winter Sports and appropriate festivals in February.

February 2021 in Scotland  – Mountain Festivals

With the Fort William Mountain Festival taking place in the Nevis Range which includes the UK’s highest mountain Ben Nevis and the Braemar Mountain Festival taking place in the Cairngorms National Park home of the next 5 highest peaks. Scotland is able to offer some serious mountain sports fun.

These two Festivals both offer a range of exciting, adventurous Winter Events including not just Skiing but Hill Sports, on foot activities, Mountain Arts and anything you can think of to do outside in the Mountain air in Winter from avalanche training to low level walking and photography workshops. In essence something for everyone.Aerial View of Blervie

Due to the pandemic for 2021 the Fort William Event will be online and the Braemar event has been postponed to 2022.  However have a look at what these Festivals offer for another time. You might be tempted to visit Scotland in the snow whatever your interest in Mountain Sports is.

Tomintoul and the Snow Gates

Every year in the UK when the cold weather comes Tomintoul becomes a topic of conversation on national radio.

Pluscarden Abbey in the snowTomintoul is mentioned because it is the highest village in the Highlands and the first place snow appears but the discussion always revolves around pronunciation of the village name.

The answer is Tom + In + Towl and there are You Tube videos on it as well! However at the same time you will notice gates that are set in on the side of the road all year, these are the Snow Gates that get closed as the road becomes too dangerous for traffic. Information is available but this is a timely reminder of Winter in Scotland and enjoying it safely.

Wintry road trips and photography

With snow on the mountains and moorlands the scenery moves up to a whole new level so road trips and photography are extra special at this time of year.Frozen ice on trees with the sunlight glistening, distant mountains covered in snow. Pack warm, sensible shoes and enjoy the views.


Reindeer and Rocks in Scotland

Continuing with the snow theme and in the heart of Cairngorms is the only imported herd of Reindeer. Of course these guys are in their element and are well worth visiting at any time of year.

Outdoor Clothing for February 2021 in Scotland

Well I have mentioned the weather and I have mentioned Snow Sports so I should mention the choice of stores supplying the best ever range of fashionable clothing and shoes for being outside. You could plan a trip just to shop alone.

Aviemore, Braemar and especially Inverness have a selection of stores that will easily equip you for anything ranging from a summer camping trip to full on snow gear or even just great gear just to go to work in.

My favourite is Tiso in Inverness – an enormous space filled with clothes and equipment to keep you outside. They also have a great cafe upstairs. I feel healthy and fit just walking into the shop!

Valentines Day for February 2021 in Scotland

The Kimberley Inn at Findhorn

It’s February so we will of course be celebrating Valentine’s Day. This is always a wonderful opportunity for a delightful meal in a smart restaurant or cosied up in a charming pub next to a log fire. Maybe even try a local dram.

Hopefully there will be some local Celtic music to enjoy – music is important in Scotland and the talent within the community is amazing.

Log fires and winter evenings go hand in hand in Scotland but who knows what this February will bring. We can at least celebrate Valentine’s day with our loved ones at home if all else fails.

February 2021 in Scotland and Local Window Wanderland

Imagine walking around charming Scottish streets at night and seeing the local neighbourhood in a whole new light. Window Wanderland is an award-winning, COVID-safe and fun community arts project that started in Bristol in 2015 with amazing results.

For the first time Findhorn Bay Arts will be hosting this unique event over Valentine’s weekend and would like to invite you to enjoy this magical window artwork trail in Forres to celebrate Love is  on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 February.

However if you are sitting at home in the middle of lockdown looking for staycation in Scotland ideas – rest assured you are in the right place and if I was you I would be crossing my fingers and planning to visit from May onwards.