Scotland in December

December in Scotland

Scotland in December means shorter days and questionable weather that can be anything from bright sunny days to rain or even snow especially on the higher ground. It also means beautiful starlight skies and auroras if you are really lucky.Blervie House December Sky

When you spend time in Scotland it is all too easy to overlook how far north our latitude we are. Did you know we are on a par with Kodiak Island in Alaska and that if you are visiting Kirkwall on Orkney you are actually closer to Norway than London? That said there is something special about the evenings drawing in, sitting beside a warm fire and drawing majestic Country House curtains to keep the cold out.

Of course December is a time of Christmas Markets, Carols and Skating Rinks and other events details of which can be found here. Locally we have Brodie Castle Illuminations with the Castle lit up in with superb colours as you walk around the romantic grounds enjoying a whole new view of the Castle.

Local towns have lovely Christmas Markets and you can never beat the relaxed feel of Logie Steading, decorated for Christmas, Carols in the background with a lovely range of gifts for everyone this is the way to do any Christmas shopping you have to do in real style!Logie Steading December

Here at the house outside jobs all need to be done earlier, dogs walked, the horses Rosie and Derry need to come in for their tea earlier. Rosie can be a little contrary and sometimes tells me she does not want to be caught but since she is an older lady I like to encourage her to take advantage of a warm rug and an inside stable especially if it is likely to rain. Derry is altogether more pragmatic and keen to have her tea!

However, December also means a quieter time for visitors visiting Scotland but there is plenty going on behind the scenes in preparation for a busy Summer season. Every day brings new enquiries from both individual guests and travel agents looking for 5 Star accommodation in Scotland and making reservations for 2023. Even as I write we already have a large number of sold out days.

Blervie House Christmas PresentA  time to Reconsider and Re-evaluate for Scotland

For many of us December is a time to reconsider and re-evaluate both our lives and our businesses. This is something we try to do at Blervie. After a busy Summer, it is good to see how we can change, what we should retain and what we should be doing better. Reading some of the wonderful reviews we have received helps with this but we also take on board areas that we need to improve. We have met many new guests and have many past guests looking forward to being able to visit again now travel has opened up.

To this effect lookout for more news later in the New Year about more dining options. That is as much as I can say for now!

In the meantime, we have updated our rates and booking conditions whilst allowing the flexibility that everyone requires for travel these days and we are always available on email or the telephone to work something out or hold some rooms while plans fall into place. Don’t forget you will always get the best price by either booking online or contacting us directly.The Biomass Boiler Plant

With cost of living increases just like everyone else we have to look at our power costs. As part of the renovations we installed Biomass using 100% Renewable Energy for our heating and water but we also have 100% LED lighting throughout the house. Many guests when staying here make a point of taking a tour of the system to find out more about how it works. As a listed building there are measures such as double glazing we are not allowed to install but it is encouraging to know that the measures we put in place mean we can at least be proud of the reduction of our Carbon Footprint and helps to keep our costs down.

Ongoing Blervie House Projects

The Loch has benefitted from it’s recent clean out. Of course, since then, we have had minimal rainfall leaving the Loch at quite a low water level.  I imagine that this Winter this is likely to change and we will see the Loch return to its normal water levels but in a healthier state. The water now is so clear, the three little Islands in the Loch will again be providing a safe haven for nesting Ducks and other wildlife in the Spring. More than that the Loch provides a peaceful picturesque spot from which to contemplate the world going by.Garden Bench in the snow

This is one of my favourite places to listen to the birds singing, watch the herons or spot a Roe Deer and even just sitting in the sunshine is a lovely way to relax.

From the Loch on the walk through the woods back to the house you can look out for Red Squirrels – they will be around in Summer. For now, the only signs of them are where they have been gathering and hiding their winter food.

So all in all lots to do and think about and time to re-evaluate and re-energise but equally a time to relax and recharge your batteries enjoying the beauty Scotland in December can offer. There is never a bad time to be in Scotland.