New Information for April 2020 in Scotland

Elgin Cathedral in April 2020 in Scotland

Normally April 2020 in Scotland would mean not only is Easter upon us but Scotland is waking up from a Winter slumber. Castles, Museums and other attractions that have been closed over Winter would be open and visitors are making their holiday plans to be here exploring this part of Scotland.

Of course this year with Corvid -19 upon us everything is different. As I write this the UK is currently in Lockdown and everything that was open has now closed and any attractions due to open will not do so. Indeed a number of Distillery Visitor Centres had already closed a few weeks ago inline with Government Guidelines. We can only wait and see what happens next.

This is what would normally be happening in April 2020 in Scotland and other months.

April 2020 in Scotland Spirit of Speyside Festival

The end of April would have seen the start of the world famous Spirit of Speyside Festival drawing visitors from far and wide.

The Festival opens the doors to Speyside’s world famous distilleries, inviting visitors from across the globe to meet the makers, taste the world’s finest whiskies and discover the passion behind them.

But that’s not all, there are events fit for a foodie, live music, talks, tastings, tours and more. With 700 events, over 6 days in one region there is something for everyone. Of course this phenomenal Festival is now postponed until happier times. The International popularity of this Festival means it will come back in due course but we need to be patient in the meantime.

Historic Scotland

If you are planning to visit Scotland it is always worth checking out Historic Scotland to help you decide which of over 70 Historic Scotland properties spanning some 5000 years of history you might like to visit.

Sadly Historic Scotland have taken the decision to close their sites. There are some of the Open Air sites that will still be open. Again the Open Air spaces that Scotland are one of Scotland’s best attractions for both visitors and residents alike so I can only hope you are all here to enjoy it with us soon.

And if you were visiting from abroad you might wish to get really organised and take out an Explorer Pass.  These Passes are based on the number of days you will be touring Scotland and which area you will be touring. That way you have your entry paid for and save money. We have seven historic sites alone near us to see.

Some of my favourites include Fort George, Elgin Cathedral and Spynie Palace.  The display at Elgin Cathedral is truly amazing and certainly helps you appreciate the history and culture of this area.

Bishop of Elgin


Next Month at Blervie House

We were ready to tell everyone that from May onwards throughout the Summer we would be offering Informal Evening Meals.  These were to be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It would help us to have 6 people choosing to dine with us for these evenings. So if you needed a quiet night in, would like to spend some more time talking to us or other guests, or even just whiling away a long Summer evening on the Terrace this is will be your opportunity.

Good News

My admiration goes out to you if you can pack and travel with minimal luggage. Something I always aspire to when I am travelling. However if you are coming from further afield or travelling for longer you will probably have heavy suitcases and maybe concerned about carrying them.

So taking into account the age of house and the fact it is a  Listed Building. Add in the fact you can still see the original kitchen ranges, the old servant’s bells and the Dumb Waiter. The good news is that we have an ultra modern 21st Century lift in this House so no heavy lifting.



Blervie House Lift

Finding Us

We will live in the electronic age where we can Google the answer to everything, which is just as well because I seem to remember less and less. If you are like me you always look up the best routes and travel times online when you visiting an unfamiliar area but sometimes it is good to know the timings the locals allow.

Therefore to help you plan your trip below is a guideline to distances and travel times involved from many of the locations our guests arrive from.

Inverness Airport – 21 miles 40 minutes
Aberdeen Airport – 72 miles 1 hour 40 minutes
Edinburgh Airport – 160 miles 3 hours 20 minutes
Glasgow Airport – 185 miles 3 hours 40 minutes.

Planning Your Time

I hope this helps you to plan your visit to either us at Blervie House or Scotland in general. Whilst it is always good to relax, it is also great to have had time to plan and not  miss a special site during your visit.
Stay Well
I know I am writing this in strange times and that we all want to wake up from this bad dream and get our lives back on track.  I hope some of the above will help you one day in the future.