February in Scotland 2020

Shows Blervie House in the Snow

So February in Scotland the weather can often be described as dreich. In other words a wet miserable day!  However as we are in the Scottish Highlands in some of the prettiest country in the UK with so many trees and green countryside that all need the rain. This is a very small price to pay for living in such a beautiful landscape. And that is without mentioning the water that our renowned whisky distilleries need so you will not hear me complaining.

Nearby Castles

All this means that February in Scotland is not a busy month for tourists. Sometimes this is a shame because people miss out on seeing the beauty of the landscape in our wintertime. In this part of the world we tend not to get heavy snow, we just get enough to make the everything look like a Christmas card. Whatever your age I think there is always something special and magical about seeing a dusting of snow on a Castle or a Mountain top.

Within just a short drive from here we have at least 9 magical Castles that all look extra special in snow And because we are Scotland you can get dreich at any time of the year but you may get snow in February in Scotland!  Craigievar Castle is special at any time of year but in the snow! You may not get to visit but anywhere you drive or tour in Scotland is magical and something special.

Shows Craigievar Castle in February in Scotland

February in Scotland and magical Craigievar Castle

House Downtime

So as we have less guests in the house. That gives us the opportunity to revisit, renew, repair and renovate. All the Blervie House rooms in this house are so beautiful but as with all parts of life we can always improve and to that end we are putting in some remodelling of rooms to make our standard rooms even better. That means whilst not busy on the surface there is still a lot going on.

Social Media come into play with lots of reviewing and discussing. What happened to keeping things simple? By the time you have updated websites and posted some comments it is good to get some downtime! Everything seems so much more complex on one hand and yet on the other hand we have visitors stay here from all over the world for this very reason.

Recommended Activities

For me it is a good time to visit some new attractions or activity. I feel it is really important to only recommend an attraction or activity that I have undertaken myself. So armed with a list of new places to visit off I go. Then I can give you my honest opinion on where to concentrate your time. Only in Scotland can you find so much to do on your doorstep. It does not matter what your interests – there is something for everyone in this country.

Vacation Planning

Like most people these days we all look forward to our next vacation. That means that reservations is busy discussing rooms options with people. I always think if you are travelling long haul, in fact if you are travelling at all.  It pays to plan ahead.  Airfare costs then become a known factor and tend to cost less.

Young woman planning a vacation

Where will you go next?

To this end we try and put Special Offers on for people in order to help them plan their itineraries and give them ideas of how they spend their time in Scotland.

It is a lot of fun working with people to see their trips come to fruition. As a family owned hands on business we can always hold rooms whilst the rest of the trip falls into place.

How far ahead do you plan your trips? At Blervie House we can always try and help you, the one thing we cannot do is guarantee the weather!